Dr. Kyle Murison - Physical Therapist


Dr. Murison provides in-depth diagnostic and evaluation techniques geared towards identifying the specific injured tissue/impairment leading to the development of an optimized plan of care to meet the specific goals of the patient.


Dr. Murison earned his degrees from Carroll University including a Bachelor of Exercise Science (2012) and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (2014). He is certified through Titleist Performance Institute and studied under many influential names including Dave Phillips and Dr. Greg Rose. His areas of expertise include:


  •  Orthopedic Rehabilitation

  •  Golf Performance Enhancement/Rehabilitation

  •  Sports Medicine

  •  Manual Therapy

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  • Dave Hawkins

  • Emily Podlesny

  • Kyle Kunash

  • Alex Jimenez

230 N Walworth Ave, Unit 4, Williams Bay, WI 53191

P: (262) 607-6677   F: (262) 364-2292


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